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Te invitamos a abordar tus problemas desde un paradigma diferente, la INGENIERIA DE VALOR

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Para lograr resultados diferentes, ¡Hay que hacer cosas diferentes!
Te proponemos abordar tus retos desde un cambio de paradigma a través de la INGENIERÍA DE VALOR.

¿Qué hacemos?


  • SAVE International® Annual SAVE Value Summit 2013

    This year we have changed the format and agenda of our annual meeting. With the change comes many exciting enhancements to extend your opportunities to learn and network. There are also two new tracks being offered. You will now be able to choose from the Educational/Training Track including introductory sessions on Introduction to Value Engineering, FAST Diagramming, Continue Reading

  • Jim Rains New Book now available

    TARGET COST MANAGEMENT: The Ladder to Global Survival and Success is the title of Jim’s new book just released by Productivity Press. This book is the most detailed book available on the subject of target costing in ten years. The book details two major ingredients of target costing: the proper organizational structure and cost tables. Continue Reading

  • SAVE International® Annual Conference

    This year SAVE international Annual Conference  «Value at the Trail’s End» To be Held at Downtown Riverfront Marriott Portland, Oregon, USA June 6 – 9, 2011 Join US.    

  • Target Costing is the tool that links Product Development to Lean and Supply Chain Management...
    Jeffrey K. Liker, PhD, Author of "The Toyota Way"
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